Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Coolest Dad

A father in my 4-year-old boy's class drops his girl in school and a kid comes up to him.

"Where’s your guitar?" he asks.

"I didn’t bring it today. I’ll bring it tomorrow."

"Are you going to play Cat Stevens again?"

"Well, maybe tomorrow I’ll play Beatles songs"

And then it dawned on me. There are many unknowns in life. In fact, there are very few concrete facts in this changing world. But one thing is clear.

See, I've done things in life. I played in a band. In London. In front of thousands of people! (Well, hundreds.) I jumped off a bridge! I had a near-death experience once. I sleep-walked in a land-mine!

But it's no use. I have to admit--to my disappointment and to that of my boy--I will never be the coolest dad in school.




  1. You're the one on the left, right? What do you mean you won't be the coolest dad? Ask your son who's the coolest and I bet you'll like his answer!

  2. Try sending him to an Orthodox day school. Then I think you automatically become coolest by default. JUST KIDDING! I think there are some cool parents in Orthodox day school. I just know when my kids were in public school, I was probably among the strictest parents but now that they're in Orthodox, I'm probably one of the most lenient. That must translate to "cool" somehow...

    Still kidding!!!! I think Ordinary Dad has the real answer. :-) :-) :-)

  3. AnOrdinaryDad, I guess if you look at the Beatles, the best one to be would be Ringo--a goof, but also the only one still alive to enjoy it all.

  4. Jill, even if that were the case, I would have found a way to feel bad about myself, don't worry. I'd look at other parents and complain about their bigger cars.

  5. Try snapping your fingers and seeing if girls come running over to rub your shoulders. Worked for the Fonze and he was pretty cool.

  6. it takes a cool dad to know one. this guitar guy sounds kinda cool -- so does the kid requesting cat stevens and the beatles -- reminds me of my 6 yr old son who insists on cranking zeppelin out of his boom box every morning ...........but what would really shake up the pre-school with cool dadness is a daddy-bassist. Know any?

  7. James, I already have the "About to comb my hair but then looking in the mirror and realizing it's perfect" move. At least I used to have that move...

  8. Anonymous, hey, I'll be happy to do that, even though I haven't played in 10-15 years. I have a bass in the basement, but it doesn't work. It's either the bass not working, or the amp. Or the cable.

    Our agents will be in contact!

  9. You don't have to be the coolest dad, just be the best Dad you can be to your child.



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