Thursday, December 30, 2010

Suburban Daddy

Suburban Daddy lives in Northern Virginia with his three boys and one backward-crawling girl. The blog is about the joys and the sorrows, the trials and the victories, or in other words, the usual, day-to-day stuff that makes up parenting.

Indeed, Suburban Daddy treats it all as a matter of fact, keeping everything in proportion. With four kids around, the blog is full of small stories of family life, and reading through even a little bit of the archive, you truly get to witness these kids growing up. I bet the girl is not crawling backwards anymore... They do grow up fast...

Suburban Daddy


Friday, December 17, 2010

Too Many Windmills: My Epic Road From the Amazon and Back.

Here is the road that has led me back to Amazon. I'm no longer a member of Amazon Mom, but I'm back to buying my kids' stuff from Amazon. Unfortunately.

I'd had every intent of staying true to my principals and avoiding Amazon for ever because of their dumb Amazon Mom program, but in the end, this is not about me, but about my kids, and anyway, other places weren't any better.

After leaving Amazon Mom and Amazon in general, I was ready to find an alternative. The thing that made most sense to me at first was buying directly from Earth's Best. The girl was drinking Earth's Best organic formula, and eating Earth's Best organic meals. This was an organic, progressive company, which meant no more "Dads? What dads?" approach to marketing. I was home...

Then I found this featured prominently on their site:

Yep. The Earth's Best Parent section is called, "For Mom, From Mom."

So that was that, then.

I sent them a "Can you explain this logic" email, got a generic response, and moved on.

After looking around the Internet a little more and finding nothing, I realized that my last chance before caving in to Amazon was I had a problem with that company in the past, mainly with the fact that every time I went to the site, I saw a giant banner telling me I could save 10% if only I were a first-time costumer. This got old after a while, so I moved to Amazon, but now it was time to move back.

I was even prepared to ignore the fact that Amazon was buying, and that I was only cheating myself... Until I saw this on

And you know what? As if it weren't enough that was ignoring fathers, they were doing it with the most annoying spelling mistake in the English language.

So that was that for And back to Amazon. Tail between my legs and all, a dad's got to do what a dad's got to do.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Blogger Dad
Blogger Dad

You know what I hate? Talented people. Makes me sick to know a person can write in a funny, honest, and heartfelt way, and then have that extra bonus: artistic ability.

Actually, I don't mind. He seems like a really cool guy. Maybe because he quotes Bill Hicks on his Facebook profile. And he get a couple of extra points for having my Twitter account as his latest Follow.

(Hey, here's also SeattleDad! And Laura Silverman!!!)
Twitter lingo must be really lame to people who don't care about Twitter. Sorry.

David is a father of one toddler, known on the blog as the Cutest Toddler in the World. My son is three today, which makes him, at least in my eyes, more of a kid than a toddler, so out of respect and hospitality, I will let that title stand.

As for the blog, I always hope I get at least one interested reader to check out a cool blog. Blogger Dad is really one of the best. It's funny and it's creative and it's touching, and there's a sense that David is doing his own thing on each post, which makes this blog stand out in its originality and its uniqueness. And the man can draw too! Some people just have it all, don't they...

Blogger Dad



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