Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nathan and Matt

There are two types of blogs I try to feature here. One is blogs I feel I'm introducing. They have great writing but not enough people know them. I hope I can get a couple of new visitors or subscribers to their blogs and get some more voices of fathers into the conversation.

Then there's blogs like DadWagon, which have been around for a while and which I commented on many times. These fall into the distinguished "I haven't written about this blog yet???" category.

The blog, written by two New York dads (although the About page mentions a third who must have been absent for a while), is always original and thought-through. Even the header.

The latest post talks about the cost of preschools in New York and about the inherent irony of charging an obscene amount that--even if parents can somehow afford--means great sacrifice. And that without even getting into the foreskin-reattachment surgeries parents need to schedule for their boys just so they could get into the more affordable Catholic preschools.

There's humor, heart and soul in all posts, most of which touch the personal lives of the writers and their families to give a bigger picture of modern fatherhood. If you've somehow missed this blog, it's not too late to start reading now.



  1. Thanks BloggerFather! Glad to be in your most esteemed category. And yes, there is a third, a certain Theodore Ross, but he is quite the lazy bastard (or, alternately, has been busy writing his book). I'll tell him to start writing again!

  2. Hey, glad you liked it. And it's great that he's writing a book. Theodore Ross is definitely a good name for a writer!



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