Friday, April 30, 2010

SciFi Dad

There's a slim chance that you've never read Tales From the Dad Side, but if I get even one new person to read the blog, I'll be happy. This is a great blog, written by a guy who takes the idea of a community of bloggers very seriously. He interviews other bloggers, and he engages his readers in every post. Seriously, I challenge you to find a post you will not want to comment on. I've actually written about the blog somewhere else, so I'll just copy some of the links I used there:

There are posts about the wife. And posts about parenting philosophy. And one of my favorites, a post about going back in time to help his stressful father-to-be self. He can be funny when he wants to be funny, and emotional when he feels emotional. And really, although SciFi Dad writes about fatherhood, you get the feeling that a great writer and blogger like that could write about anything and you'll still be reading.

(Oh man... poor guy... I just realized Tales From the Dad Side is also the title of a book by this clown... Sorry.)

(And just to be clear, I looked around for a kid's picture, but I understand some blogging parents are uncomfortable with those. I did find this one, though.)


Monday, April 19, 2010

Worst Father Award

No matter how bad you think you're doing, you're not these guys. Not sure which one is worse:

1. The father who asks what's the best way to get rid of his children. To make sure we're not quick to judge, he adds:

Preemptive for all the haters, my kids just suck.

Worst Father Award

2. The father who leaves his 1-year-old in the car at 3am, while he goes to a strip club.

3. Whatever this is. It's been online for a while now, and this mystery hasn't been solved yet, as far as I know. (every time this video comes up on YouTube, it gets deleted. Not sure why. But it keeps coming back up through different accounts.)


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Really? I haven't written about Backpacking Dad yet? Hmm... Never too late. I've actually been reading and commenting on that blog for a while, which is the easiest thing to do, because almost every post relates to my own experience as a father, and if it doesn't, it still relates to my experience as a person who, hopefully, takes things as they are, tells himself to avoid politics (but is never successful because things can get a little too insane sometimes), loves those worth loving, and gets angry at bad drivers. Unlike Shawn, I write unreadable run-on sentences.

The blog does not relate to my experience as a person who prefers Star Trek to Star Wars, but I move on. I'm a big man like that.

Backpacking Dad



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