Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Daddy Forever

There are two important things I don't have in common with Daddy Forever. First, he has four kids. To me, at this point, with a single child exhausting me mentally and physically, there's no difference between having four kids and having 19 of them.

The second thing that's so different about Daddy Forever is that he and his family seem really happy. Now don't get me wrong--I'm fine, thank you. But to be happy like that there must to be some external, environmental pre-conditions that would create the basis--

Oh, they live in Portland... It makes sense now.

I've never actually been in Portland, but many people from my wife's family live there and can't imagine living anywhere else. It has mountains, and recycling isn't a bad word, and people don't look at you funny when you smile. Now, try smiling in Baltimore...

According to his "About" paragraph, the blog is a "Dad blog by a geek dad with 4 geeky kids. This dad blog features reviews, giveaways, and parenting advice that will ruin your kid's life."

Yes, there are reviews, but they all seem honest. And yes there are giveaways. And yes there is advice, but I'm not sure it will ruin my kid's life. Maybe it will. So I'm not supposed to teach my son to fart like a dragon?

Daddy Forever


Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Night Without My Baby

A Night Without My Baby

This is the first night in months that I will spend without the baby. I've been waiting for this night for so long, that when it's finally here I feel like I'm betraying him; like hoping for a night away from him makes me a terrible father. What other kind of father, after all, wants to stay away from his son?

Well, it's one night.

And in my defense, I miss him. I missed having dinner with him and I missed telling him good night. And now, even though he would have been asleep, I miss knowing he's in the other room. I miss being responsible for him, even when he sleeps.

Tomorrow night he'll be here. Maybe he'll throw food off his tray. Maybe he'll scream. Maybe he won't go to sleep for a while. Maybe when he finally does, he'll wake up every two hours. Maybe eventually I'll bring him upstairs, where he'll spend the rest of the night pulling his mother's hair and kicking me.

But tonight, I'll just have to kick myself to sleep.


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