Thursday, June 18, 2009


They tell us it's all gonna change, so we fear for our creativity. Without free time, will our soul still have an outlet? Never mind the price of daycare--Can our soul really afford this baby?

Marty Coleman, like many others, has discovered his creativity later in life. I love his story:

The Napkin Dad Daily began as a series of drawings and quotes on napkins that I put in my daughters' lunches during their middle and high school years, most every day from 1998 -2004.

I started doing the napkins while I was unemployed and making their lunches for school. I did 3 a day, one for each daughter. After many months I felt sort of depressed because, as funny as it sounds, it was the my main creative outlet, the only artwork I was doing at the time, and they were all being thrown away every day. 'Oh well' I said, and went about doing them until the end of the year.

I'll stop there. But if you have a chance, read the rest of this story that has led Marty from depression to Time Magazine.

And as for me, sure, the baby needs me. And he's sure demanding. And even now, when he's asleep and I finally get my time for myself, I still type quietly. Still unable to forget myself in writing.

But he's also an inspiration. And he's a constant reminder, maybe because our eyes are similar, that the spark of creativity I had as a child is still there, waiting.

The Napkin Dad Daily



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