The Dad Bloggers Group

The Dad Bloggers Group is a great place for any blogging dad who wants to chat, get ideas, get motivated, get involved with some group posts, or just rant. If you're a dad (or almost a dad), and if you have a blog (or even if you're thinking about starting a blog), then our group is for you. Click on the link above (or on the picture), and then click on Join Group.

One thing, though--

If I don't know you, and if your Facebook profile doesn't mention a blog, I'll try to contact you through Facebook, but the message will probably reach your "Other" inbox. If you didn't know you had an Other inbox, prepare to be amazed. If you don't reply to my message, I'll assume you're a spammer.

There are now over 400 members, all blogging dads from all over the world. It's fun. Come on in.

If you have any questions about the group, whether you're a blogger who's not sure about joining a closed group, or a PR person hoping to get involved with blogging dads, just email me at

See you there!


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