Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just Another Clown

Pastor Driscoll

I saw a link to one of this guy's videos on Facebook. What can I say... I fear I might seem a little contradictory here, especially with spending so much time recently battling the windmills at Philips, but I have to admit I don't care how this guy feels about stay-at-home-dads.

I put a couple of videos here, just for reference, but the short version is that there's a sweaty clown on a stage who comes up with biblical references that prove men who stay home to raise kids are not men and that women naturally belong in the home.

Now why don't I care?

What he says is not shared by anyone I know.

What he says is not shared by the mainstream in society.

What he says is not even shared by most Christians.

Sure, he has thousands of followers, but it's a big country, and big-mouthed clowns find an audience. When he forms a militia of equally clownish Tintin-haired characters, I'll feel the need to fight back. Until then, Pastor Mark Driscoll can enjoy his hair, his submissive pathetic wife, his army of brainless followers, and the money he makes out of his hateful lectures.



  1. I will definitely give you this one

    He is a complete whack job. We are in the 21st century now not the first century. It is the decision of the family which parent is better able to provide the needed support for the family and if or if not they both need to be providing support.

    In these times when the economy is so bad, the main factor in these decisions is who can get a job that actually can pay the bills and sometimes that is something the woman can do other times it is something the husband can do. But at all times it is the families decision not some whack job preacher

  2. God's really got to get a twitter account and start telling us how he REALLY feels - because this epic game of telephone isn't working.

  3. WOW....not much else to say about a guy like that!!!

    Amazing how someone with such a "clear outlook" on life can have his head so far up his out butt.....

    this makes me cringe, and sad for all the decent Christians out there, getting a bad wrap, from a guy like this....

  4. Carl Bainbridge, he thinks saying it makes him brave. He thinks he's speaking truth to power here. While many people were buying into the PC agenda of "Men staying home to raise kids," he was the only one with the BALLS to say women should stay home. Preferably wearing a burka.

  5. Zach, obviously you missed the part where God instructs his chosen people to await the coming of the Tintin-haired douche.

  6. At Home Dad, I know... I'm just glad he's nothing but a spineless little clown who has been lucky enough to attract other bums, and not someone with actual charisma and the ability to make a difference.

  7. What a freaking idiot. Him, not you.

  8. Whit, a total asshole. Him, not you.

  9. I just find it humorous that he thinks a man who expects his wife to cook for him, clean up after him, and do his laundry for him is NOT the one who is replicating the mother-child relationship in his marriage. Even more hilarious is that he thinks a dude who LAUGHS at the idea of being able to get his children dressed or attend to their basic needs is in any way a man.

  10. Right? Real men are too busy with THE BIG PICTURE to take care of their children (or of themselves). Hey, if God wanted these guys to do the laundry, he would have made sure they knew how to separate whites from colors.

  11. You know it always amazes me that we can come so far as a society and so little at the same time. I realize there are vast majorities of the world that fatherhood is considered nothing more than a sperm donor and a paycheck but seriously???? The only way for people to understand the importance of fathers ad family is for the rest of us (this nut job not included)to continue to speak openly and honestly about fatherhood! Fatherhood ROCKS!




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