I started writing here a little after my wife and I had our first kid in 2007. I was still blogging mostly elsewhere about everything and anything and nothing much, but gradually this blog became my main (then the only) one, since I was a stay-at-home dad, living breathing dreaming fatherhood 24/7.

This blog has--well, I wouldn't say evolved--changed over time. I started by writing about other blogging dads, then I started writing about dads in the media, then I got a little personal here and there, and I also started writing reviews and doing giveaways (too many of those, since once you start on the review route, it's kind of hard to stop).

Then, in June '14, I started writing about cancer.

A couple of other things:

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Oh yea--My name is Oren Miller. I grew up in Israel, then lived in England for a few years, where I was a (potential) rock star, like everyone else. I met an American woman there, and she dragged me to Maryland by my hair. Now I don't have hair.

But enough about me.

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