Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thanks*, Philips!


Philips hates dads


Thanks Philips

First, to put it in context, here are the two posts I wrote about Philips ignoring dads:

1. Philips Norelco: Parenting is No Place for Men

2. Philips Norelco 2: Now With More Offensive Marketing!!!

Thanks to everyone who shared these posts on Facebook and on Twitter, and especially to Zach from 8bitdad for emailing Philips and tweeting its PR account. I don't know who or what eventually made Philips change their website (they didn't let me know about the changes), but I'm glad it happened. Today, Philips deserves my gratitude*.

* It's a small victory for fathers and for parents in general, but I have to mention that once I saw the changes on the Philips Norelco site, I quickly checked the Philips Avent site. Unfortunately, everything is still the same there. The baby-bottles are under the "Mother and child care" section, and the section titled, "Tips for bonding with your baby" still ignores fathers (and as mentioned in the previous post, tells mothers to invite their friends to look after the babies while the moms have a Me Time tending the garden).

Well, change takes time, but any positive change, no matter how big or how small, and no matter how many footnotes it contains, is a move forward.


  1. I recently got very irritated over on a blog I read at a contest to win a iron that was "designed for men" because we all know that all men don't iron eh ladies!

    The iron was a Phillips iron.

    I'm guessing that they will come out with a pink drill for women next.

  2. This really is awesome. And I can't wait to hear back from the next person at Philips. The first one I heard back from was a woman in the Netherlands and she herself agreed with my statement that even though one word was changed, much work was yet to be done. So...we'll see. You know I've been sitting on this story for a month now, waiting for these jokers to get back to me - and hopefully now they will!

  3. Dan, if (and that's A BIG IF) men iron, it's only with a blindfold. And naked.

    Diplo & Henry, THANKS.

  4. Hey Zach, I hope you get to write it. Even it it's now not an angry post, but a "Philips, you (somewhat) get it!"

  5. Wow! I hate to say I'm surprise...but I'm really surprised! Congratulations! Amazing how much difference one word can make, isn't it?

    Dan - I actually have a nice little tool set that is covered in green flowers. It's handy & pretty. I don't really know whether or not it came from Phillips though. I've just had it in my classroom forever and a half.

  6. Jill, thanks. It does feel good, I have to admit.

  7. This popup windows is horrible. please delete it!

  8. Carol, thanks for the comment. I'm trying to make it non-intrusive while still getting new people to join the Facebook page. It's set to appear only once a month, so hopefully even if people get annoyed with that, they won't be annoyed for long.



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