Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Waiting For Superman II

Getting back to the routine after a long vacation is never easy. The girl forgot how to sleep by herself, the boy forgot how to eat without fussing, and the dogs forgot the basic rule of, "If you bark one more time during nap time, then I don't know what!"

Which means that while I slowly climb laundry mountain, I can make my life easier by putting on some Netflix. The boy wants Wonder Pets, but I put on Superman. Middle Ground.

One of the best things about parenting is the opportunity to relive great moments of my own childhood.

I saw Superman at the theater when I was about six. The whole family, probably like everyone else around us, stayed sitting while the credits rolled. And then this came up.

Waiting for Superman II

Nothing brings back my childhood optimism like this picture. This is not just remembering my childhood. I look at this picture and I'm there, at the movie theater, unable to leave my seat, knowing that nothing that happens in the next year will be as important as going to see Superman II.

My son is not excited. These are different times. Superman is a long movie, and the first half drags on while the action scenes seem rushed. The appeal of Superman is not immediate to this generation of kids. I'm not upset, though. One day, my boy will show his own kids an episode of Wonder Pets. "It's great because Ming Ming is supposed to be good, but she's really an egotistic b--" he'll begin to say. His kids won't care, though. They'll be shocked anyone could enjoy a TV show that wasn't in 3D.


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