Sunday, October 24, 2010

But If It Makes Me Laugh, It Can't Be That Bad. Right?

Now don't get me wrong. I don't agree with a word he says. Ever. He's mean. He's annoying. He's a brute! In fact, he's everything that's wrong with the world!!!

And trust me, this was the least offensive video I could find.

(And if you've seen his other videos, know that I'm a vegetarian who's never referred to meat as "dead flesh.")

(Probably thought about it, though.)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Bobby has a lot on his plate. He lives in a country that takes two steps forward and one step back, where politicians use him as an example of what's wrong with the country, telling voters that he shouldn't be allowed to adopt.

In his blog, Those Two Daddies, Bobby is not afraid to call out the haters. After all, what for them is one of many campaign talking points--wedge issues they hope would push them to victory, is for Bobby and for many other gay parents, a question of survival for their families. Vocal about his Atheism, Bobby calls out religions that demonize homosexuality. He calls out the hypocrites and the zealots, because they work hard to portray him and his family as the enemy within.

But that's not all Bobby has on his plate. He faces many other challenges.

How would his 18-month-old girl react to the transition to a toddler bed? Will teething ever end? Does cleaning dogs' hair ever end? Ear infections, fevers, junk food, money, shoes, and hair.

I suspect it's all worth it, though.



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