Saturday, August 23, 2008


Down With PantsDown With Pants is a little different. In an effort to maintain his pre-fatherhood masculinity, Brandon identifies himself as a "dude" rather than calling himself "a father." Of course, this is a losing battle. Once you're a dad, there's not much you can do to regain the glory of your youth. You can fight it by going to Home Depot and by buying state of the art grills on Craig's List, but your Flickr page says it all--the pizza pictures/baby pictures ratio tells me you're pretty happy letting go and giving in to this girl.

Down With Pants

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Dan is a stay-at-home dad who likes writing and daddying (Firefox spellchecker, get with it). In his own words, he has "recently moved into the profession of making those privileged Caucasian-American babies everyone loves so much these days ("this millennium's Beanie Babies!!!"), and I am merely waiting for that investment to mature in spades."

Great humor and honest writing. At times it's straightforward copying of his kids' pearls of wisdom, while at other times he uses subtle humor, where the punchline is hiding in a footnote.

Give it a read. Subscribe. Enjoy.


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