Sunday, April 11, 2010


Really? I haven't written about Backpacking Dad yet? Hmm... Never too late. I've actually been reading and commenting on that blog for a while, which is the easiest thing to do, because almost every post relates to my own experience as a father, and if it doesn't, it still relates to my experience as a person who, hopefully, takes things as they are, tells himself to avoid politics (but is never successful because things can get a little too insane sometimes), loves those worth loving, and gets angry at bad drivers. Unlike Shawn, I write unreadable run-on sentences.

The blog does not relate to my experience as a person who prefers Star Trek to Star Wars, but I move on. I'm a big man like that.

Backpacking Dad




  1. I didn't know one had to choose between star wars & star trek. I thought they could happily coexist as childhood memories...

    Another illusion shattered. Oh well. :-)

  2. Reminded me of Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock when he commented about his excitement about the new cast member who liked sports. Up to then, all there were were the male writers 'with their Stars, both Trek and Wars.' Hits me funny every time.

  3. Jill, no no. We've all been dealing with some bad stuff the other side takes advantage of. Star Wars fans have to pretend the three recent movies were made by a different director and that the charm of the first three wasn't down to Harrison Ford's character. And Star Trek fans have to distance themselves from Klingon-speaking crazies and green-skin-loving pervs.

    Brett, but as he proves again and again, he only pretends to be a mean-spirited jock. I bet he speaks a few words in Klingon. Just enough to get by.

  4. I don't like Star Wars or Star Trek. Often, when I say that, I get lynched.

  5. I really appreciate backpacking dads! You are really great!



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