Friday, April 30, 2010

SciFi Dad

There's a slim chance that you've never read Tales From the Dad Side, but if I get even one new person to read the blog, I'll be happy. This is a great blog, written by a guy who takes the idea of a community of bloggers very seriously. He interviews other bloggers, and he engages his readers in every post. Seriously, I challenge you to find a post you will not want to comment on. I've actually written about the blog somewhere else, so I'll just copy some of the links I used there:

There are posts about the wife. And posts about parenting philosophy. And one of my favorites, a post about going back in time to help his stressful father-to-be self. He can be funny when he wants to be funny, and emotional when he feels emotional. And really, although SciFi Dad writes about fatherhood, you get the feeling that a great writer and blogger like that could write about anything and you'll still be reading.

(Oh man... poor guy... I just realized Tales From the Dad Side is also the title of a book by this clown... Sorry.)

(And just to be clear, I looked around for a kid's picture, but I understand some blogging parents are uncomfortable with those. I did find this one, though.)



  1. One that I read EVERY day. And yes, hard to not comment..

  2. Thanks for the kind words; they are truly appreciated.

    And yeah, I know about that book... he really is a douche.

  3. He's going to say that I'm kissing his ass again, but he's one of my favorite bloggers. Plus his comments on my blog are always hilarious.

  4. I'll vouch that he seems to be exactly the guy he is online IRL too, which to me just makes him that much more awesome.

  5. I'm a regular over at SciFi Dad. There's always something that jumps out at you that you can't help but be opinionated about. Doesn't his daughter look just like him? Weird.

  6. One of the very best. He always has something thought provocking to post about. Glad to see him added to this list.

  7. SFD is one of my daily MUST-READS! A great blogger and a great Dad.

  8. Hey, thanks for the comments. It took me a while to get back. Things here are getting a little more hectic, as I've now changed my role from a stay at home father of one to a stay at home father of two. But I'm determined to remain a father AND a blogger. I WILL rediscover my free time... Thanks again!

  9. Haha! Looking at the picture of his daughter reminds me of how a daddy's girl I am. I used to do a lot of things with my dad like jog around the village and watch movies. So cool.



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