Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Daddy Forever

There are two important things I don't have in common with Daddy Forever. First, he has four kids. To me, at this point, with a single child exhausting me mentally and physically, there's no difference between having four kids and having 19 of them.

The second thing that's so different about Daddy Forever is that he and his family seem really happy. Now don't get me wrong--I'm fine, thank you. But to be happy like that there must to be some external, environmental pre-conditions that would create the basis--

Oh, they live in Portland... It makes sense now.

I've never actually been in Portland, but many people from my wife's family live there and can't imagine living anywhere else. It has mountains, and recycling isn't a bad word, and people don't look at you funny when you smile. Now, try smiling in Baltimore...

According to his "About" paragraph, the blog is a "Dad blog by a geek dad with 4 geeky kids. This dad blog features reviews, giveaways, and parenting advice that will ruin your kid's life."

Yes, there are reviews, but they all seem honest. And yes there are giveaways. And yes there is advice, but I'm not sure it will ruin my kid's life. Maybe it will. So I'm not supposed to teach my son to fart like a dragon?

Daddy Forever




  1. Thanks for the kinds words. I was exhausted too when we only had one kid.

  2. HAHAHA dragon farts. That kid fights just like my boy :-) Looks so happy doing it too. 4 kids! Yeah, I've got two and I think that's time consuming. Can't imagine 4. My sister has 3 and she's turning crazy!

  3. Keith, dragon farts are great UNTIL SOMEONE GETS HURT! And well, we've got a second baby coming. I guess I'll find out soon enough. Maybe it's like a video game. You get to a new level and it's twice as hard, but your weapons are more powerful. I think I got lost in my metaphor.

  4. great one man.. must say Dragon fart is the funniest part of the video... and cutest one...

  5. Bringing, as long as it's in an open space.



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