Thursday, December 30, 2010

Suburban Daddy

Suburban Daddy lives in Northern Virginia with his three boys and one backward-crawling girl. The blog is about the joys and the sorrows, the trials and the victories, or in other words, the usual, day-to-day stuff that makes up parenting.

Indeed, Suburban Daddy treats it all as a matter of fact, keeping everything in proportion. With four kids around, the blog is full of small stories of family life, and reading through even a little bit of the archive, you truly get to witness these kids growing up. I bet the girl is not crawling backwards anymore... They do grow up fast...

Suburban Daddy



  1. Very cute so sweet babay, i am wondering how she looks when crawling back wards.

  2. It's great to know that you also support and somewhat advertise other bloggers and fathers out there who share the same experiences as yours. Fathers like you deserve a medal! I'm sure your kids appreciate all the efforts you exert. :)

  3. Being a dad is not a part-time job. It's not something you just do when you feel like doing it. So I truly appreciate suburban daddy on how he spent his time raising these four kids. Two thumbs up for Suburban Daddy for a job well done. :) Anyway, these kids are sooOOooo cute especially the little one.

    Geoffrey Boice

  4. I do appreciate those dads who spends their time for their kids. Taking care of your kids is a great responsibility not just today but it is a lifetime process and development. I salute you guys for being flexible and having that such great patience to take care for your kids. Great job!

    Great day,
    Pixie Uriel

  5. Hahahahahah this is so cute and so funny. i love this post. Nice one! And yes, i love reading them, i actually enjoy reading them. The kids are so cute and adorable. Keep posting!

  6. nice writing of fatherhood..keep it



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