Saturday, January 16, 2010

On Twitter and Facebook

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Trying to maintain a community of blogging fathers, I decided a few months ago to try out the Twitter thing everyone was talking about. I had my doubts. Actually, I didn't have doubts--I knew it was the end of Western Civilization. Because I DON'T NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU HAD FOR LUNCH.

But while people who haven't joined, either think it's all about lunch updates or are curious to see what exactly it is they're missing, people who have joined Twitter know it's much more than that.

The beauty of Twitter is that the only reason it has evolved from lunch updates to the giant conference call it is today is because of the way people used it. It had the potential to be a lame start-up, but instead, it has become a very unique way to communicate with the like-minded.

Although I joined Twitter and Facebook at around the same time, I haven't been as comfortable around Facebook. The words "Friend" and "Fan" imply something they're not. And although I can hide friends' quizzes and farm updates, I can't get over the fact my friends even do these quizzes while feeding virtual cows.

Still, a lot of people have Facebook accounts, so I'm trying to get more people onto this blog's Facebook page. Right now, I update it with a link about once a day, but eventually I want it to become a place for other parents to write and post links, photos, and videos.

So let me know if you have any suggestions or tips for the Facebook page, and of course I'd love for you to come over and say Hi there. And if not, that's okay too. See? And you thought I was going to get angry.

My Twitter.

My Facebook Page.


  1. I joined Facebook, but never felt like it was a useful tool other than a broadcast mechanism for new posts. In truth, I have considered tossing the account recently.

    You are aware of my possible (yet at this point unlikely) foray into Twitter, which I think may be of more use, although infinitely more time consuming.

  2. Hey. Other than the page for the blog, I'm using Facebook pretty much for what it was intended to do. If I ever do a quiz, though, I need someone to close my account. And Twitter, you know, is only as time consuming as you want it to be. I probably got a few Twitter people to visit this blog, but I am actually there to chat with the like-minded. Twitter is great for that.

  3. Actually I have found Facebook to be a useful tool for networking. Even found a little business that way.

  4. Networking... That sounds like a word I might use when I grow up, you know? But good luck!

  5. I have both a facebook and twitter account and you are all welcome to add me as a friend.

    Don't forget to drop me some Farmville Gifts. Hehehe

  6. Hey, thanks. You know if I had any Farmville gifts to give I would have given you a couple of cows (is that what they do there? I can't do the FB games because, knowing myself, the games will completely take over my time).



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