Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My (Winning) #LatteRomeo #StarbucksVia Video

This is a sponsored post, in conjunction with Starbucks and Life of Dad, LLC. I was provided with samples packets of Starbucks VIA® Latte, and received compensation for participating in this promotion.

Starbucks Via Latte
I wanted to join the Life of Dad people's Mother's Day promotion of the Starbucks Via, but by the time I got around to take the Instagram video, my wife was away for work in Seattle. So I figured that unlike other #LatteRomeo entries from other bloggers, my coffee will be handed virtually to my wife. And anyway, I'm the big coffee drinker in this family.

Luckily, although I don't have my wife in the video, my kids are really cute, and my daughter's idea of serving her mom Banana Pants for Mother's Day will surely win the day.

Because this is a contest, see, and you can get in on it too. You can get all the details on the Life of Dad site, as well as watch your potential competitors' videos: Starbucks VIA® Latte #LatteRomeo Mother's Day Video Contest. Your winning Instagram video can get you a $500 Starbucks card, which would literally last you YEARS. Here's my video. And remember, Banana Pants!



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