Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekly Fatherhood Newsletter: Empathy, Toddler Playdates, and a Reading Lesson

This week's roundup includes information about new car safety rules, two examples of empathy from children, a post about a stay-at-home dad searching for a playdate, and me, being Twitter-slapped by Andrew McCarthy.

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Baby Infographic

Baby Infographic
And I thought there was an infographic for everything. Well, now there is. A dad has put the 100 first days of his baby on an infographic, complete with an Eat, Sleep, and Poop graphics. And yes, a boob graphic. (Eat, Sleep, Poop: The First 100 Days)

Car Safety

Car Safety
New car safety laws are about to go into effect soon. The first one mandates more safety tests for babies and toddlers, including "a first-ever side impact test to ensure safety of a child passenger under 40 pounds in a car seat." The other new law will reduce the weight-limit guidelines for car seats, after studies indicated kids above 65 lbs. may be safer with seatbelts than they are using a car seat harness system. Read more about the new regulations here: Car seat safety: Feds propose new guidelines.

Condolence Letter

Condolence Letter
A kid came home from school and told his dad his teacher's father died, and that a substitute asked the class to write something for the teacher. The kid, who has experienced his own share of grief recently, went to his room and came back later with a truly beautiful letter that shows the most important thing we can have is empathy. (On Condolences, From My Son)

Dogs and Kids

Dogs and Kids
I completely forgot about this post from 2011, written right after our first dog died. I was a wreck at the time, and my then 4-year-old boy did what he could to help. Turns out, he said and did exactly what I needed him to do. Kids are often like that. (Dinner Time)


Azaria Interview
I've mentioned Hank Azaria's new web series about fatherhood last week, and this week, the guys from Life of Dad got to interview Azaria on their podcast. In the interview, he talks about the new show, about who he would have named his baby after if it were a girl (the dog), and about his own experience with fatherhood. And of course, he talks about The Simpsons. Read the transcript here: Hank Azaria – My Life of Dad.

Reading Lesson

Fatherhood Instagram
Me: What's the first letter?
3yo: T
-- And then?
-- E
-- Good job! And then?
-- N!!!
-- So what's the word?
-- Hmm... Chicken?

Stay-At-Home Dads

Stay-At-Home Dads
In this funny post, a stay-at-home dad talks about the hard time he's having trying to find a playdate for his girl, saying, "But by now, I honestly thought I’d have met a nice mom, gotten in her good graces, and infiltrated their private little group like Jane Goodall." It's funny, but also a little sad to read about his struggles. The number of at-home dads is growing, and one day there will be plenty of playdate groups for dads, for moms, and for mixed parents. Until then, all we can do is try to find our inner Jane Goodall. (Toddler Friend Finder)


Pretty in Pink Twitter
As soon as I clicked Follow on Molly Ringwald's Twitter account, Twitter suggested I may also be interested in following Andrew McCarthy. Since I'm a #TeamDuckie, I wrote a tweet saying I was going to follow Jon Cryer instead. Then Andrew McCarthy replied with the best line ever...

Pretty in Pink Twitter



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