Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This Week in Fatherhood: Bedtime Routines, Black Fatherhood, and Milkshake

This edition of This Week in Fatherhood includes stories about involved African-American dads, a personal post about bedtime routines, a weird video, and a study about the never ending terrible-twos. And a gif about milkshakes. Like always, you can subscribe here to get these weekly newsletter posts in your email. Let me know if I've missed anything good, and I'll be sure to include it next week. Thanks for reading!

African-American Dads

African American dads
In an environment where the media is mostly interested in bad news, African-American dads are often portrayed as the root of all evil, but a recent survey shows involved dads defying the damaging stereotypes of black fatherhood being synonymous with absent fatherhood. (Black daddies finally shown in positive light)

Bedtime Routines

Bedtime Routines
A dad is writing about changing bedtime routines. Rather than being jealous of parents whose kids are old enough to go to sleep by themselves, he cherishes the last moments of the day with his kid. A great post by John Wiley of Daddy's in Charge? (Why I Don't Mind the Bedtime Routine)


This week on the blog, I wrote about my talented and funny cousin, who will one day draw a cartoon for my blog. Until that bless'd day comes, click on the image to see more cartoons from Ilene. (The Weenies!!!)

Casa Weenie

Fatherhood Across Time and Species

(via 22 Words)


(via Reddit)

Terrible Twenty-Twos

Terrible Twenty-Twos
An interesting article on the New York Times suggests young, violent people in their late-teens/early-twenties don't learn to be violent, but actually never learn to stop being violent. Like all other kids, they're violent when they're toddlers, but unlike most people, they never learn to suppress their violent tendencies with time. The implications of this theory are that absent parenting (and mostly absent, or at least uninvolved fatherhood) contributes to greater violence in society. Well, at least that's my take. (Terrible Twos Who Stay Terrible)

Worst Dad in the World

Worst Dad in the World
A Nazi dad made news in 2008 after a bakery refused to make a birthday cake for his son, Adolf Hitler. Now, Dad is trying to regain custody of his daughter, Eva Braun. Child Services have custody of the poor girl, and her Nazi dad is threatening to make more babies, saying, "I'll stop making them when they stop taking them." Nazi Dad has 9 kids. Thankfully, he has custody of none. (Neo-Nazi dad demands child services hand back his baby girl named Eva Braun - or he'll just keep having more babies)


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