Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This Week in Fatherhood 9: Books, Hooters, and Other Life Lessons

This week's newsletter features some great links about a variety of subjects, including work-life balance for dads, bonding at story-time, bonding at Hooters, male depression, toy safety, and a great win-win idea of turning a house into a restaurant for a day. As usual, if you want this type of post delivered straight to your email, subscribe to the Week-in-Fatherhood newsletter. Thanks for reading!


Scott Behson's entire blog is dedicated to one subject: dads searching for that elusive work-life balance. In the interview Scott posted on his blog, he talks about statistics showing dads are trying to spend more time with their kids, and about the changing priorities in their work-life balance. It's a great video for anyone who struggles with this issue (which probably means most work-outside-the-home dads). (An Interview on Fatherhood, Work-Family Balance, and What Makes a Good Dad)


If you're looking for the next good read for dad-toddler story-time, a bunch of blogging dads are sharing their favorite books on The Bump site. If you have a toddler, this is the post for you. And if your kids are older, the post may bring back enough story-time memories to make you want to make another baby. Good luck, either way! (Dad Bloggers Share Their Favorite Toddler Books to Read)

Father-Son Bonding

Nothing controversial about father-son bonding. Unless the bonding happens at a Hooters restaurant.

After a fellow blogging dad mentioned taking his teenage son to Hooters, some of the other dads raised concerns, saying it might teach misogyny at an early age. So, is it sexist to take a kid to Hooters (and let him pose with the waitresses), or is it harmless?

I gave my 2 cents, leaning on the it's-harmless side. My rambling opinion is quoted by Andy Hinds on the Daily Beast. (Father-Son Bonding at Hooters: Sexist or Harmless?)


In a previous post on my blog, I did my best to talk honestly about depression. This post was written in May of this year, after a fellow blogging dad lost the battle to depression. I, along with other blogging dads, thought this would be a good opportunity to talk openly about our own experiences with depression. Other bloggers' links are featured at the bottom of my own post. (The Solitary Confinement of Depression. #ForMarc)

Life Lessons

Although the idea that our kids can teach us just as much as we can teach them is not new, it's always great to read a fresh post with a new perspective. We have a lot to learn, and this post is a good start. (Eight traits my kids have that we should also have as adults)


This week, I wrote about a great father-son scene in the movie Jaws. Take a look at the video on the post, and if you remember a better father-son scene, mention it in a comment! (Jaws and the Greatest Father and Son Scene)

Parenting Win

We all love a good parenting win, at least once the rest of us get over the how-come-I-didn't-think-of-that feeling. In this post, a dad doesn't want to disappoint his kids who REALLY want to eat in a restaurant, so he turns his house into one, complete with illustrated menus. (Parenting Win: Our House Restaurant)

Toy Safety

It's toy-buying season, and before we dump a bunch of random toys under our trees, we need to make sure the toys are safe. One blogging dad received a toy to review on his blog, and the toy started over-heating to the point of melting... (Trouble in Toyland: Attack of the Dangerous Toys - Keeping Kids Safe this Holiday Season...)


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