Friday, December 27, 2013

The Weenies!!!

Nothing to do with parenting, except the fact that one day I'll convince Ilene to draw parenting cartoons for this blog. We can rule the world, Ilene!

Until then, here's Ilene Haddad's life-in-pictures: Casa Weenie.

Ilene is my wife's first cousin, but she's also a playa in the Austin, TX blogging scene. She runs an annual Austin blogathon, which started in her house, with her mom making sandwiches, and now is a "real" event, with sponsors, speakers, and even its own hashtag. She's also one of the funniest people I know, and her cartoons give you a glimpse into the family I married into.

Ilene and her husband are DINKs, only without the douchey part. Yes, you can be in your 40s, have no desire for kids, and not be an ass about it. Who knew? They have two dogs and a cat, and each has its own unique personality. They often visit the cartoons and show off their love and/or disdain for their human roommates.

Without further, Casa Weenie!!!



  1. Ilene Markowitz HaddadDecember 27, 2013 at 2:06 PM

    Thanks for the nice post, cuz! I feel I must correct an inaccuracy though: Vincent the one-eared garden cat is a stray. He does not belong to me; I belong to him.

  2. I guess my comment got eaten. :-( I think I said, "Yay for cartoons on your blog Oren!" and Funny Ilene! And also I wanted to tell you that I sent you a facebook message but I'm too impatient and had to tell you here just in case you came here first. :-)

  3. Disqus (the commenting system) does eat comments, I know. One day I'll be smart enough to figure out why that happens. (Sorry.)

  4. Thanks, Jill! (I think my comment got eaten too.)

  5. These are too funny! I loved the LinkedIn one! Very witty!



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