Monday, November 25, 2013

This Week in Fatherhood 8: Jumping on Beds and a Thrift Shop Rap

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When You're a Mom, There Are No Sick Days?
In a commercial from Vicks, mothers are told they can't take days off, because their husbands are useless and because their kids can't survive one day without them. It's offensive to dads, and more importantly, it's harmful to moms who struggle with guilt every time they leave the house. ("When You're a Mom, There Are No Sick Days"?)


Bedroom Acrobat
Great stuff from Kurtis Findlay's Tumblr page: Kids, Eh? 

Home Improvement

Or lack thereof, actually. One dad manages to ignore another week of leaky faucets, to spend more time with his kids. The faucet can wait. (Long Term Projects)


I finally got around to writing my own Movember post, complete with a glorious picture of my mustache. I also participated in a Twitter party, which is something I've managed to avoid until now, but was proud to be a part of this time. Not only did we manage to trend worldwide on Twitter (with the hashtag #MovemberDads), but we were able to raise awareness of men's health issues, and with a generous donation from Dove Men+Care, were able to raise money for research.

Other blogging dads are going the extra 7 miles with this video, conceived and edited by the people at Life of Dad. Yes, it's a Movember "Thrift Shop" rap!


Let kids be kids
While some people say any competitive aspect of sports is harmful, including score-keeping, others say that not only should we keep score, but we should encourage our kids to excel and stand out, because behavior on the field is an indicator of future success. Carter from Dad Scribe tries to find a sensible middle ground: letting kids be kids. (After-School Activities: Just Let Kids Be Kids)

Stay-At-Home Dads

Previously on the blog, I wrote a post about the auto-pilot I put myself in as a stay-at-home dad. On the one hand, I believe in thoughtful parenting, where every action we make as parents makes sense, and leads to a long-term parenting goal. On the other hand, in the real world, this is pretty much impossible to do, and we have to rely on auto-pilot to survive. (The Auto-Pilot: Pros and Cons of Staying Home With the Kids)


A second a day
A dad has captured the entire first year of his baby's life, one second at a time, on this video. Hey, if the first year of a baby's life had lasted 7 minutes, maybe we would have gone for a third child!

Great video, though.

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