Monday, November 18, 2013

This Week in Fatherhood 7: Rules, Tips, and Leftover Candies

The 7th edition of the fatherhood newsletter includes posts about breastfeeding, gender wars, introverted dads, the struggle to find that elusive work-life balance. As usual, you can get this newsletter delivered to your email every week. Click here to subscribe!


Yes, fathers can write about breastfeeding and share their opinions, especially when a controversial plan in England aims to pay moms to breastfeed. You can agree with Henry, or you can argue with him on his blog. (10 reasons why paying mums to breast feed is a horrible idea)


Got candies left from Halloween? Hopefully the answer is yes. Well, what do your kids have to do to earn it? One dad is making his kids get some exercise first... It's a 2-year-old video, but I only discovered it today. And of course, since this is the Internet, some people have a problem with this video:

Gender Wars

While I agree that it's important to welcome dads into existing parenting circles, I also agree with a writer on BabyCenter, who says dads are better off not trying to get into unwelcoming circles, and their kids are better off as well. I also tell the story of being given dirty looks in a playground. (Gender Warfare and Dirty Looks)


A giveaway on Mommy's Busy, Go Ask Daddy offers a Disney Infinity Starter Kit, a Mike Wazowski figurine, a copy of Monsters Inc., and a $50 WalMart gift card. (Mega Monsters University Giveaway! (Ends 11/23/13))

Introverts and Extroverts

What happens when an introverted dad finds himself raising an extroverted child? Brent from Designer Daddy is taking a breather from chasing his son to write about the experience shared by many parents. (Chasing After Batman: An Introverted Parent Raising An Extroverted Child)


We rarely appreciate what we have as parents, maybe because when we do appreciate all we have, it can become overwhelming. As a father writes in this post: "My brain still fights me when it comes to having it all." Read this personal post, about coming to terms with happiness. (Sienna & the Moon Remind Me How Lucky I Am)


Want to help fund research and raise awareness for men's health?

You can give on my page. (here)

Or you can give to these more creative people:

On Designer Daddy: Brent will design an “I GOT MO’ED!” photo for a $20 donation to his Movember page. (What’s Been Going On With My Face…)

From Canadian Dad: Chris will post a mustache cover song on YouTube in your honor. Yes he will. Here's his latest:

New Dads

While us veteran parents are quick to dismiss advice from young, new parents, there's a lot to be said for fresh advice from new dads. Here's a good example of some great tips for new dads. (Becoming a Young Dad: Part 1)


Are there any? Jeff from Out With the Kids has written a controversial post a few months ago, arguing that using a kids' college funds to enhance their experiences is better for them than using the money for college. (The Case For NOT Saving For College). This week, he has followed up on that idea, with a post about ignoring the rules and deciding on your own priorities as a family. (It’s Not The Road For Us)

Work-Life Balance

In a personal post on my blog, I wrote about our long-term plan to leave the trap so many fall into: working to have enough money to be able to continue working. We're making sacrifices, but hopefully, eventually, it will all be worth it. (Leaving the Middle-Class Trap)


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