Monday, November 11, 2013

This Week in Fatherhood 6: Best Days Ever and #MovemberDads

The 6th edition of the fatherhood newsletter includes two separate stories about kids in hospitals (everything is OK now), and about their dads who learned about the power of their communities. There are also dads talking about their best days as parents, as well as stories of guilt, identity, and, of course, potty training. If you want these weekly newsletter in your email, subscribe here. Thanks!

Best Day Ever

Buzz from DadCamp asked 7 dads (including moi) about their best days ever as fathers. Parents often make fun of themselves (we have no idea what we're doing, it's a miracle anyone on this planet is still alive, etc...), but every once in a while, it's important to remind ourselves that we are competent, and that we are capable of giving our kids positive experiences that will last a lifetime. (Cloudy with a Chance of M&M’s and 6 Other Stories About the Best Day Ever)


If I want to understand my role as a dad, and if I want to understand my kids, I need to figure out what is was like to be a kid myself. In this post, I tried to begin to understand. (The First Words of the Book I Will Probably Never Write)

Previously on

In this 1-year-old post, I had tried to react to the backlash coming from those who don't understand the reason I (and others) have a problem with companies that ignore or mock fatherhood. It's not about being offended--it's about building a better society. Calling out companies is not the goal--it's a starting point. (The Case For Calling Out Offensive Companies)


Found this video about bullying. The text at the end reads, "A typical work day doesn't look like this. And a typical school day?" Sure, some criticism of this video is fair (there's plenty of mental bullying at work places, for example), but the graphic, physical nature of this video can help illustrate to those who think a certain level of bullying at school is acceptable, because "kids will be kids," that it is never acceptable.

 (via Reddit)

Disney Side

Charlie from HowToBeADad often has cool opportunities to collaborate with brands, and this video is one of his best. We all work very hard to create and maintain our adult, responsible identities, but every once in a while, we should all show our untainted, innocent sides.


As a stay-at-home dad, I understand the guilt Matt from the NYC Dads Group felt when he wasn't around to help his son during an emergency. On the way, though, he found out could trust his community, his wife, and his son to be strong. (While I Was Gone)


A personal story about a kid who gets to play with his dad's stuffed dog, Oliver. Really, I have nothing to add. Just read it. (All About Oliver)


Many of us are growing our mustaches for Movember, in the hope that people donate to the good cause, and that people who are curious and shocked by our ridiculous/awesome facial hair will ask us about it, and then find out that the Movember campaign helps raise funds to enhance awareness for men's health issues (physical and mental), as well as to fund research. My own Movember post will be on the blog soon. Until then, read these posts from other blogging dads:

Jeff is #RunningForMo, donating $2 for every mile he runs, jogs, or walks this month. (Running For Mo)

Movember makes another blogger remember all of his previous facial hair styles, hoping he's healthy enough to see his kid's first facial hair. (Health Week: My Many Faces)

Jason participates in Movember, following the passing of his step-dad from prostate cancer. He writes, "I’m not doing it just for the fun – I’m doing it for my step-dad. I’m doing it for me. And I’m doing it for my children." (My inspiration for Movember)

And until his mustache grows, Chris from DadNCharge is celebrating fall...

Potty Training

Learn about the 7 circles of hell that constitute potty training. Well, it's a funny reading, but it's also helpful for parents who are about to rise to the challenge. (Potty Train Your Shit Monster in 3 Days)


Jason from Out-Numbered is recording videos with his rock star daughters. Also, Jason is the dad I want to grow up to become.

Social Media

Following an emergency visit to the hospital with his son, Carter from DadScribe discovers the potential for good in social media, and finds that Facebook "friends" can be just that. (In Our Darkest Hour, the Kindness of (Facebook) Friends Sustained Us)


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