Sunday, November 3, 2013

This Week in Fatherhood #5: Baseball, Halloween, and Daylight Savings Disappointments

The 5th edition of the fatherhood newsletter includes 2 baseball posts from a father and a son, an inspiring post about bullying, a very funny daylight savings time cartoon, and a lot more. As usual, I hope you subscribe to the newsletter to get these posts by email every week.


Aaron, who writes at Daddy Files, has written about an emotional day at the World Series game with his brother and his father. If you read one baseball post this year, make it this one.

“I know it’s stupid, but I never thought I’d live long enough to see a World Series game, especially with you two.” My brother and I said nothing, but we understood everything. So we put our arms around him and made our way to our seats in the centerfield bleachers.
(“Hey Dad, You Wanna Have a Catch?”)

Well, make it two posts, because Bill, Aaron's dad, has also written about going to the game with his two sons in a column in The Sun Chronicle, writing, "On Thursday, October 24, 2013 I realized one of my lifelong dreams. I went to a World Series game at Fenway Park with my two sons. And even though the Red Sox lost, it is an evening I will never forget." (The post also appears on Bill's blog: Going to World Series a Family Affair)


A couple of years ago, I found out that James, who writes the awesomely named blog Luke, I Am Your Father, and his wife, were trying to adopt a baby and were having a hard time. Then a year ago, they were finally able to add Annabelle to their family. She's just had her first birthday, and hopefully you can head over to his blog to congratulate him and his wife. (1 is the Happiest Number)

There was only one post on the blog this week. We had to put our dog down earlier in the week, and I wrote about that. I wrote about meeting the two Pit Bulls, about putting them down, and about their lives with us. I wrote about the guilt of not being as emotionally attached to the dogs after we had a kid. And I wrote about the void. (On Dogs and Men)

Previously on

As usual, I'm reviving an old post here. This one was written when the future of gay marriage was still unclear. It was a short post about explaining gay marriage to my kid. It was a very simple post, too, because explaining logical things to kids shouldn't be complicated or long. (The Simplicity of Gay Rights)


Chris from DadNCharge has an interesting story about standing up to a bully. The problem of bullying often focuses on dealing with the bully and with the helping the victim, but the real secret weapon here are the bystanders who decide to do the right thing. Chris found out this week that his son has stood up to a bully on the school bus, and he couldn't be more proud. Read the story here: Fourth Grade Bully Handled

Facebook Updates

Hostile Takeover

Mike, who writes at Puzzling Posts, had his blog taken over by his 3-year-old daughter. The blog now includes her favorite colors, and an expose on her sister's food choices. (Imagining turning this site over to my daughter)


This one is from the always funny Neal from Raised by my Daughter


Yep, poetry. Because Arjan from the blog The Neverending Miracle has just had his first baby, and if that doesn't make a man write a poem, nothing will. (The Golden Tree)


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