Saturday, November 23, 2013

My #Movember Post -- Thanks, Just For Men! #MoBro2013

Movember is a charity that allows men to be ridiculous/hipster/cool/pathetic/awesome for a month, while raising money for men's health research and awareness. Men's health--whether physical or mental health--can often go unnoticed, undetected, and untreated. It's a cliche that men don't like to talk about their problems, whether these problems are physical or mental, but unfortunately, we are cliches.

We have panic attacks? We're depressed? We have loss of energy? Naaa... Real men have no problem. Testicular cancer is something that happens to other people, and don't even dare mention men suffering from breast cancer!

Unfortunately, that's who we are, to a large extent, which is why Movember, as silly as it seems at first, is so important. We have to make this issue visible, and we have to be done with the cliche, and tell ourselves that doctors, mental health workers, and willing friends are not our enemies, and that real men, with mustache or without, care about their health.

To find out more about Movember go the their site.

To see the way Just For Men is promoting Movember, check out the Just For Men Facebook page.

To go to my own Movember page, click here.

And to see my mustache... look below. If you dare.

But wait!

Just For Men has a mustache contest on their site, and it ends on Tuesday, 11/26. They are offering one lucky mustachioed man the chance to be the next face featured on the 2014 Just For Men Mustache & Beard box! You can enter here.

And here's my entry (I know, right?):

I received products for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review. You can joinSmiley360 here!
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  1. Nice stache bro! Good write up too. My husband had guys over yesterday for football, and they kept talking about the mustached guys. I told them it was for Movember and men's health awareness but my explanation was flat and didn't stick. I'm going to email them a link to your post!

  2. hi nice article... feel good to see we are discussing men afterall... and world understand that we do have problem it only the other side always to be trested on high priority.....">PMP

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