Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jaws and the Greatest Father and Son Scene

JJ Abrams Ted Talk Fatherhood Moment

I recently saw this TED talk by J.J. Abrams on Netflix. The talk itself, like most TED talks, looks like it should inspire us more than it actually does, and like most people, I'm still bitter about the way the show "Lost" ended, but there's one short bit from this talk that has stayed with me. The relevant part about Jaws in this video starts at 10:38, but if you want the context, you can start from the beginning, or just know that Abrams talks about the real meaning of a show or a movie as opposed to the "hook" that draws you in. Spielberg is a master of this technique, drawing us in with aliens, dinosaurs, and explosions, while telling us stories of broken families, suburban, middle class fears, and in the case of Jaws, the story of a father eager to leave a positive legacy.

Enjoy this scene from Jaws, with one of the best father & son moments in film history.

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  1. I love that scene! Thanks for sharing this Oren.



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