Monday, October 28, 2013

This Week in Fatherhood #4: Awesome Dads and Awesome Kids

This is the fourth newsletter/week-in-fatherhood post, and I feel like I'm getting the hang of it. It's great to be able to do my part in raising the profile of dads from our Dad Bloggers group, and of involved fatherhood in general. As usual, if you like this post, consider subscribing to the newsletter, to make sure you don't miss the weekly summary of fatherhood-related news and views.

Awesome Dads

Found this one on Reddit. The title was "I had enough of him playing angry birds, so we went outside to play angry birds"

Awesome Kids

This picture is from the Ask Your Dad Blog Facebook page. Here's the description:

Me: Duchess, what do you want to be for Halloween?

Duchess: Uhm... Princess Batman!

And then we made it so...

Nailed it!


Carter from Dadscribe collected the informed(?) opinions of dads from our Dad Bloggers Group, asking who will win the World Series. As Carter describes this post, it's "a peek into the psyche of the 21st century dad." (Who Will Win the World Series? Let’s Ask Dad) Posts

In the last week, I wrote about the people who want to have kids but feel like they shouldn't, because they have been led to believe in parenting rules. I tried to make them feel parenting might be for them after all. (The Case for Having Kids)

Also last week, I talked about politics--particularly about the 7 stages of grief I will feel if my kids end up on the wrong side of politics. (Father Son Politics)

BloggerFather--Old Post Revival

On this post from earlier in 2013, I wrote the shocking truth: Dads search for balance too. After an article on Huffington Post predicted that moms-in-search-of-balance stories would dominate parenting issues in 2013, while largely ignoring dads, I thought it was important to say dads have the same problems mothers face when it comes to finding balance. Stories like the one on Huffington Post show why it's so important to have a platform where fatherhood is the main issue, rather than being relegated into a sidenote. (Breaking News: Dads Search for Balance Too)

Facebook Updates


A few blogging dads have joined forces on a big giveaway for 6 new Crayola Create 2 Destroy sets. You can find out about the giveaway on any participating blog, or just click on the image to go to Daddy's in Charge post and enter the giveaway. Good luck!

Judgmental Parenting

Found this picture on the HowToBeADad Facebook page (and they found it on the Toothpaste for Dinner page)

And Non-Judgmental Kids

This one is from the always amazing Lunarbaboon


The Movember posts are coming! The Movember posts are coming!

If you're interested, my own page is here. I hope you can donate to Movember campaign to help raise awareness of men's health and to fund research. I'm part of a team with other Dad Bloggers, and a few of us will be having a public Google+ Hangout on Monday the 28th at 10pm EST. Hope you can make it. Details on the picture below (click the picture to watch the hangout).


John from Daddy's in Charge? left home for a few days, and took a little piece of home with him


Also, last week, like many weeks before it, was NOT the date Marty McFly ended up in the future. Hopefully, this diagram by the always helpful Chris from Daddy Doctrines will help us all for a while.


A few fatherhood-related videos went viral last week. In this one, a kid is very excited about his first bow-ner:

This dad reacts to his son getting a C in math:

This video of a dad imitating his daughter's meltdown also became viral this week. Some of it is because parents are judgmental, and feel the need to argue about whether the dad was shaming his daughter by imitating her. Because they're perfect parents, one must assume.


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