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Nintendo 2DS Review #2DS

Nintendo 2DS Review

The family was invited to a Nintendo event, as part of the launch of the Nintendo 2DS, the new hand-held device from Nintendo, which comes in two colors, blue and red. Basically, it’s the same device as the Nintendo 3DS, only without the 3D part. Also, unlike the 3DS, it’s a single piece, which hopefully will make this device more stable in the hands of kids who tend to throw devices around as soon as they get distracted…

The 2DS costs $129.99, and it’s a fun little device you can use to connect to the Internet, build Miis (the Nintendo profiles. Come on, you know what a Mii is), take pictures, watch Netlix, and a whole lot more.

A lot of people, like us, are now updating their smart phones, and instead of trying to sell their old phones and maybe getting $50 back, give their kids their old phones. Our 5-year-old doesn’t keep his mom’s old iPhone 4 in his room, but he knows he can ask for it and get to take pictures, watch Netflix, Google stuff (I taught him to “do research” every time he has a question), and play games. I have a feeling we're not alone there, and that a lot of parents may opt to give their kids an old iPhone instead of a new device.

Still, at around $130, the Nintentendo 2DS might be exactly what many parents are looking for. It’s affordable, durable, and it’s part of the Nintendo Family, which means you get to play Mario, Donkey Kong, and other Nintendo-only games.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about it and if you’re thinking about getting one! (Also, let me know if you’re one of those who, like us, is giving his old phone to his kids.)

Nintendo 2DS Review

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  1. Hi Oren,

    Is it me or does this thing look like a really big gameboy? Are we reverting now? I feel like they hit their max with the 3DS and don't know where to go from there. I'll be honest, my teenage son thinks this product is going to be another fail for Nintendo. I'm all about durability but don't feel like Nintendo is really competing anymore. It is sad to me as I grew up loving their products.

    I'll be watching your blog to see if they offer you a chance to review their next project. Fingers crossed it is a good one :)

    Mommy's Playbook

  2. Here's what I think: Well... It's complicated, actually. It's a nice little gadget, with Internet access, which means Netflix, downloadable games, and as far as I understand, playing against others online (although I might be wrong there), and it's cheaper than the 3DS, and I assume it's more durable (that's the reason behind it being a single piece).

    I assume--although I don't know for sure--the 2DS is out now because the 3DS didn't sell as well as they had hoped, and that part of it is that people don't want to pay extra for 3D. On the other hand, like I said above, I don't know if that's the only problem here. I mean, hand held devices have a lot of fans (there's also the Playstation hand-held device, and for kids, the Leapfrog device), but for me, and I feel like I'm not the only one there, kids can get a lot more from an old iPhone, and the more popular smartphones become, the more extra phones people will have to give their kids when they upgrade to newer models.

    About Nintendo in general... The Wii is an amazing machine, but with the U, it's like they didn't understand what was so good about the Wii. The extra screen/remote is too heavy, and once you look at it instead of at the screen, you take away the whole social aspect that made the Wii so great.

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