Monday, August 12, 2013

My Starbucks #VIA Moment

The Life of Dad people have been doing a lot of really cool things lately, partnering with big brands to create cool campaigns and contests. Today, I'm joining them with an Instagram video entry to their Starbucks VIA promotion. Starbucks VIA are individual packets of instant coffee, so next time you go to a house that doesn't have coffee ready for guests (because they hate America and freedom?), all you'll need is boiling water and a small packet of VIA.

Here's my video!

Now, I've received some free VIA packets for the review: a box of Colombia and a box of Italian Roasts. I'm looking at the list of VIA flavors on the Starbucks site, and there are a lot of other boxes I plan to try, like the Caramel one. And maybe iced coffee blends.

And if my video doesn't do it for you, look at the other VIA videos on the Life of Dad site, or even better, create one yourself! One of the VIA videos will win a Starbucks card valued at $500, while the second and third place will settle for $200 and $100 cards. You have all the rules on the Life of Dad page, and hopefully you can make a video that will be EVEN better than my own, as if that's possible.

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