Thursday, July 11, 2013


Part of the Father's Day extravaganza I had mentioned before, included a family viewing of a movie. It had to be fun for everyone, including me, because it was my day, with not too many scary moments. On paper, the recent Muppets movie seemed like a winner, but I wasn't optimistic. Jason Segel? A new muppet as the star? And really, when you watch a Muppets movie, don't you just want an hour and a half of the Swedish Chef?

This is not a review of the movie, though. If you really want to know, I loved it. It was a perfect Father's Day movie, even if many of the jokes would go over the heads of anyone who hasn't watched the show before. I watched the show as a kid, staying up late with the family every time it was on, and while some kids liked Kermit, and others liked Animal, my favorite was Fozzie, because no one got my jokes either. That part is still true.

But really, this is just a good opportunity to show the world this video I made about a year ago, after watching the Manamana video with my girl:

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  1. I also loved the recent Muppets movie and used expecting a baby as an excuse to go out and buy DVDs of several of the other Muppets films. Still haven't watched them. That's this weekend planned now...

  2. Cute video. I get why you want to show it.
    Fun movie that made me feel nostalgic as well.

  3. Thanks. She was much better at the dress rehearsal, but after 720 takes, we went with this one.

  4. Funny coincidence: speaking of Amy Adams, days before we had our first baby, we went to see Enchanted to get in the having-kids mood. Also a really good movie.

  5. Must be a "thing." We watched Wall-E the night before our first was born. Also Also a really good movie, now one of his favorites.



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