Monday, June 17, 2013

Team Single Jingles: Man UP Monday

I'm going to share with you today a little bit of information about testicular cancer. As part of Team Single Jingles, my duty is to convince you to feel up your testicles, or to convince a man in your life to touch his. Here's some info with helpful links:

Testicular Cancer is the #1 cancer in young men ages 15 to 35

Testicular Cancer is highly survivable if detected early

Young men should be doing a monthly self-exam

It's OK, I didn't know all of that either.

But now we're starting an important conversation here and elsewhere. When I grew up, breast cancer was still a relatively taboo subject, but gradually, knowing women should perform self-exams or routinely get checked has become mainstream knowledge, and now it's as mainstream as, I don't know... as knowing people should floss. If we care about ourselves, we need to take care of ourselves, and the hell with taboos.

Men are not there yet, for two reasons:

1. Men build and destroy and conquer and love and hate, and we do it all for country and for glory! At the same time, we can't even bring ourselves to call these things testicles. We're just really uncomfortable about that area. We have 700 different names for testicles, so how can we be expected to talk about testicular cancer?

2. We don't know about testicular cancer, and we don't know about the risks and about the way we can do self-exams.

Well, Team Single Jingles can help with the second point. Between the links above, the video below, and the shower card you can order here (for free), ignorance should not be an issue anymore. And as for the other point, well, we'll get there one day, with your help. Repeat after me: "Tes-ti-cles."

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