Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dads Don't Trust V8

Apparently there's a drink called V8. I've never had it. I've seen V8 ads, where someone hits himself on the head. I don't know why they do that, but I know these ads never made me want to buy a V8. They can hit themselves on their heads as much they want, but when I want a healthy drink, I go for water.

More to the point, I saw this picture on Dad on the Run's Facebook page:

Fathers remain suspicious.

I loved Dad on the Run's comment ("Fathers remain suspicious..."), and normally that's where it would end, but after I went to their site and saw more examples of this "trusted by moms" BS, I decided to email them.

trusted by moms

So I emailed the good people at V8, because even though I would never be caught dead drinking one of these kaka-juices, I want brands to be more inclusive. It's not a question of boycotting an item I would never buy--it's a question of education and of them doing the right thing.

My email was nice. I mentioned the usual "trying to convince brands that targeting a certain group (moms), shouldn't mean completely excluding another (dads)." I also wrote about single dads and about two-dad families who may feel excluded by this "Trusted by Moms" slogan. I got no reply. Maybe if I were a mom they would have bothered, but I'm a dad, which to V8, means I don't exist.

It's great to come to a brand and say, "You will change your ways or suffer the consequences!!!" Unfortunately, that's not going to happen in this case. If you're strict when it comes to your kids' health, to the point of not giving them regular fruit juice, you probably know better than giving them V8. They're much better off drinking water and eating fruits and vegetables, after all. And the best part about it? Water, fruits, and vegetables are trusted by moms and dads!

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  1. I'm booting them. I will drink the "tomato juice" instead. No more V8 for me except in the truck!



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