Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Gentleman’s Guide to Diaper Changing

It is not uncommon for the typical American dad to change his baby’s first diaper. While mothers are still busy trying to figure out breastfeeding and the other exclusive mommy matters, it’s only fair that the gentlemen help out with other baby duties.

The mass media may portray baby care as a predominantly female realm, but the truth of the matter is that fathers should be equally responsible for the infant. A study conducted by Pampers in 2010 has shown that approximately 70 percent of American dads changed as many diapers as their wives. In the same study, 11 percent of respondents even claimed that they changed even more dirty nappies. A separate study has also suggested that fathers are actually faster at the task. All of this simply points to the fact the gender stereotypes are slowly being abandoned in the United States. While the women are trying to recover from the stresses of childbirth, gentlemen should be kind enough to handle other nursing tasks. Moreover, changing diapers is not as unpleasant as you may think. In fact, the stories you get may even come in handy twenty years later during family reunions! Here’s how you should start.

First off, figure out where to do it. An ideal place would be somewhere comfortable for you and your child. Some good choices are a clean table top or a spacious bed. While the floor may be a perfect place to avoid the risk of baby falling off one of the table sides, it is a definite shortcut to an annoying backache.

Secondly, you should get your diaper changing supplies organized. Most parents prefer having a diaper changing bag handy so they can store all the necessary things. If you’re changing at home however, a spare storage cabinet will do. Make sure you have fresh diapers, wet wipes, dry tissues, rash cream, fresh clothes, and any sealable bag for dirty diaper disposal (this will help keep the smell from leaking out of open garbage bins).

Now that you’re done with preparation, it’s time to get your hands dirty.

1. Undress baby’s bottom half.
2. Remove the dirty diaper.
3. Quickly place a tissue over baby’s private parts as cold air often encourages peeing.
4. Hold up baby by his ankles.
5. Use a tissue to clean off the excess poop and pee.
6. Place the dirty diaper in a sealable bag. Throw it away.
7. Use a wet wipe to clean baby’s bottom. If you have a little girl, you should wipe from front to back. It is much more hygienic this way.
8. Gently lift up the child to check for any dirt you may have missed.
9. Pat a tissue over baby’s bottom to dry.
10. If you think it’s necessary, apply a little rash cream.
11. Slide on a fresh diaper. Remember to not fasten it too tightly. You should leave enough room for a finger to slide inside the diaper’s waistband.
12. If you think it’s necessary, give baby a change of clothes.
13. Sanitize your hands.
14. Give him a kiss and a hug.

Patrick Wilson is a regular contributor to the blog at BabyStations an online store selling diaper changing stations and helping companies make their facilities more family friendly.



  1. What a fabulous post!.. I should tell you, I love every post of yours. The way you write is very engaging and lively. Love it!

  2. you should add, if it is a boy, make sure he is pointed down, lest his next whiz shoot straight out of the top of the diaper!

  3. It was a guest post by someone else, but you're right... Amazing, the things I forget as soon as the baby grows up.

  4. Hi Oren!. I mentioned this post on my blog. Do check out!

  5. Oren, thank you for checking out my post. By the way, what I wrote about your writing style, well it's not based on this post alone. I generally just love the way you write. I didn't know this was a guest post btw. Sorry!. Anyways, thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Oh, you don't have to apologize! I appreciate what you wrote!



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