Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Simplicity of Gay Rights

When my boy was 4, he saw another car with the Human Rights Campaign sticker. He was very excited. Now, I feel that as long as I can find the simplicity in supposedly complex issues, no subject should wait for my kids to "grow up." They're not the ones with the problem--it's the people who have grown up and still have a problem with equality that have the problem.

So I explained.

You know how most kids in your class have a mom and a dad, and you know how the moms and dads are married, like me and your mom? Well, most married people are men married to women, but sometimes men love men and want to marry them, and sometimes women love women and want to marry them, and when we put that sticker on our cars, it means we think they should all be allowed to do that. But some people think that men should only marry women, and women should only marry men. I know, it is silly.

The Simplicity of Gay Rights



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