Friday, December 21, 2012

Pushing My Buttons

My 5-year-old boy was talking, and the 2-year-old girl suddenly said, "Stop it!"

So he got really offended and started to cry.

I took him aside, and told him that he was a big boy, and that he shouldn't be offended by his little sister, because these were just words, and words couldn't hurt him.

Then I said, "Here, I'll talk, and you'll say, 'Stop it!'"

And it worked.

I started talking, and he said, "Stop it!"

I said, "See? Just words. I'm not offended and I'm not crying. Let's try that again. Now you say something really mean to me, and I'll show you I'm not offended."

So he said, "I don't love you."

And I got really sad.



  1. The sad thing is words do hurt. When I was married to my first husband he verbally abuse me everyday. Told me I couldn't do anything right, etc. And after years of hearing this I started to believe it. I had bad self esteem issues until I met my second husband. He made me feel special and I finally got over thinking bad of myself. So yes words do hurt you just have to make sure that your children have good self esteem.

    1. I know what you mean. Ideally, though, words wouldn't hurt us. My boy wouldn't be offended by his little sister and I wouldn't be offended by him telling me he didn't love me, especially since I knew he was joking. It's all easy in theory...



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