Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Stinks Book Review

Happy almost-Halloween! There's a giant storm-of-the-century coming to Maryland, so I better write this post before power runs out.

I got myself a free review copy of the children's interactive book, Halloween Stinks, a new iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Kindle book by Jill Caryl Weiner (illustrated by Maria Stephens, Production Company: Mechanical Horse Productions). The book--well, here's the description from the writer:

Gus’s dad usually picks him up from school dressed as a fish. Mr. T. works as a teacher in the aquarium and wears a costume to work every day. Gus’s mom teaches in the petting zoo and dresses as a giant, fluffy chicken for work. As Halloween approaches, Gus’s friends and family are excited about dressing up, but Gus can’t come up with a single idea. He starts to wonder: when your parents wear a costume to work every day, what’s so special about Halloween?

It's a fun Halloween book for early readers, and it takes advantage of the interactive nature of the devices. While you read, you see a tree full of bats, who then fly around the page. A spider goes up and down the page. A ghost appears and disappears. Costumes can be moved between characters, and more.

The book costs $2.99, which may deter the people who have made up their minds to never spend a dime in the iTunes Store, but in the real world this is still an interactive kids' book for less than $3.

Here are some iPhone pictures. Be safe, East Coasters!

Halloween Stinks

Halloween Stinks

Halloween Stinks

Halloween Stinks

Halloween Stinks

Halloween Stinks

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