Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Lost and Tired

Rob Gorsky's blog, Lost and Tired, provides a sincere insight into the world of parenting children with Autism. Rob has three kids, all on the Autism spectrum, and there are always ups and downs, to put it mildly.

Lost and Tired is many things. It's a service for other parents of autistic children. The Internet, at its best, is a place for people to realize they're not struggling alone, and Rob's blog is a place where other parents can find the missing words to express their own challenges and triumphs.

The blog also seems to be an emotional outlet for Rob, who finds himself dealing with gradually more complex family issues. We all grow up thinking some things only happen to other people, and then they happen to us. Writing about the unexpected stuff helps us identify problems, and hopefully--well, if not solve them, at least come to terms with them.

And the blog is also simply a great blog about fatherhood. I'm always looking for clear and honest voices of fatherhood, and Lost and Tired definitely belongs in that category.




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