Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Changing View of Fatherhood

A couple of years ago, I posted a link to a segment on CNN (by Josh Levs) that included a group of blogging dads (==> Drew Griffin is a Dick). The interview with the dads was followed by a studio discussion with CNN's Drew Griffin, who was just as condescending as one could expect just by looking at his smug face:

Drew Griffin

Griffin's reaction to Levs' piece was predictable in a way, because--again, just looking at that face--you can tell the man's self-identity is determined upon his stereotypical image of himself and of other men. And in a way, we've come to expect that reaction from the media.

Two years later, even as people like Drew Griffin will forever be trapped by their neanderthal views, a lot has changed in society and in the general view of fatherhood by society, which means a positive piece like the one below is slowly becoming the norm.

(Thanks, Matt, for the link)

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  1. Even in the positive piece he seems like he has an attitude...maybe its just my take on things....


    1. Ha. I didn't see it, but maybe I'm so desperate that I see what I want to see at this point...



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