Monday, August 27, 2012

Nuno Nono: The Future of Preschool?

Think your kid's preschool is too much fun? Hate sandboxes? What's your gut telling you about posters on the walls? Or about walls in general?

Well, if you think walls should be round and see-through, if you think adult-created art is distracting, and if you think the sound of chaotic joy is the sound of wasted childhood, you would love this planned nursery in Valencia, Spain.

If you go to the architects' site, you will get a chance to read their side of the story, filled with grand ideas and grander architectural-theory-that-goes-nowhere-fast.

In that way we decided to “learn how to unlearn”, to blur reality, to reduce resolution, information… designing undefined spaces, abstract ones… “spaces of opportunity” where children’s imagination and their way of looking the world around them regains a leading role. Confronting the present moment of “destruction of imagination by hyperrealism” where there is no space for own subjectivity.
Nuno nono is a transmitter of sensations, a scene of possibilities, not of certainty. Nuno nono proposes, does not impose… insinuates, does not determine.
Or you can just take a look at the pictures, where joyless, invisible kids play inside a utopia one can only find in an airport smoker's lounge and in futuristic movies about jails.

Nuno Nono

Nuno Nono

Nuno Nono

Nuno Nono

Nuno Nono

Nuno Nono
Mind your heads


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  1. I bet you there is also a waiting list that has a lottery for people to gain access to. The school selection process is stressful.



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