Friday, June 29, 2012

Mother's Name

Last year, I wrote about deciding against sending my kid to a nearby preschool just because the application form included "Fathers Business Address." Here's the form again:

Well, maybe that was the third strike on that short form, after asking about religion and after refusing to acknowledge the existence of apostrophes.

Then, I recently saw a picture on Mommy Man: Adventures of a Gay Superdad, which reminded me of my old post, and can also be seen as a good reminder of what daily life is like for people who truly are discriminated against in society.

Maybe one day forms like these two will be a part of history. Until then, keep on fighting the good fight, dads. Gay dads, straight dads, working dads, stay-at-home-dads, and all other involved dads: one step at a time.


  1. This is such a great post- My partner and I are going though the same type of situation- and I went though it a lot as a child (my aunt and uncle raised me.) I'm not sure why it is so difficult for educational systems to see that there are many different people who raise children, not just moms AND dads-

    1. I know. I guess we're living through history, and forms like these two are slowly becoming shocking and ridiculous rather than the norm. That's why I hope to grow old without ever using the words, "Back in my day..." -- Because back in my day a lot of things sucked.

  2. Cassie HATES it when I pull out "back in my day"! And I hate it too, because it's never, ever effective and yet I can't seem to help myself. In any case, it seems like such an easy fix by putting "parent" rather than mother or father. Way better than the he/she problem that books seem to solve now by randomly using one or the other,



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