Saturday, June 23, 2012

"He's Gonna Kill Us All"

John Heffron
Comic John Heffron talks about his dad's parenting techniques: "We all thought he would kill us at any time."

(And no, that's not my own parenting method. Until the day I have to change the doors in the house. Then I might reconsider.)


  1. Hysterical! I'd never heard of Heffron before.

    1. Honestly, I have no idea how I ended up with this video. I put it in a "Watch Later" folder a long time ago, and just got around to it now. He's a funny guy.

  2. He won that NBC show Last Comic Standing. He is very funny. I don't know what it was but my dad intimidated the hell out of me, but he did nothing but pass out in his easy chair every night. I want that kind of power

    1. I never saw that show. Every once in a while I'll see who's coming to the stand-up place in Baltimore, and they all have "Last Comic Standing" on their resume, so I always think I should check it out. Actually, I'm not sure it's still on.



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