Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Circle of Moms Catches a Predator

Circle of Moms

I've always wanted to try making one of them xtranormal video, but never found the right subject. Fortunately, Sharon Silver of Circle of Moms has recently written about her encounter with a child predator. How does she know he was a child predator? Well, she doesn't. She knows he was a man, and she knows he was chatting loudly with two teenagers in a public place, and she comes to the unquestionable conclusion that by publicly humiliating the man, she saved these kids from being abused.

The original post is here. Read it while wearing a helmet, because you will want to bang your head on the nearest piece of furniture.

For more about the article, read 8BitDad's take.

And then there's my own video. Blondie's text has been cut & pasted from the Circle of Moms article.



  1. And I'm here to say I just saw the airquotes AGAIN and it killed me again

  2. I certainly understand caution. I watch the whole world like a hawk when it comes to my boys. That said, I also try to be friendly with kids because they make me smile and because it's delightful to make them smile. The day I get THIS paranoid is the day I hope someone smacks some sense into me.

    I'm quite sure my favorite part is in the comments, the self-confirmation of "well, if he didn't have anything to hide..." Oi.

  3. I agree that this stuff IS real. From the defensive comments on (and by) Circle of Moms, you would think people who objected to the original post don't believe child predators exist. They do exist, but a mommy-blogger doesn't get to decide who is a "groomer" according to the level of his voice, you know?



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