Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Charlie and Andy

I think it's time to feature How To Be A Dad! Of course I've mentioned the site before, saying that if a site ends up representing dads for mainstream audiences, it's better them than a curmudgeon like me, and definitely better than a phony like Single Dad Laughing.

I assume most people here have at least stumbled upon How To Be A Dad. In case you have only seen their Sleep Position posts, featured on Huffington Post and shared by your cooler Facebook friends, you should head over there to see the rest of the stuff, which includes personal notes, instructional diagrams, and--well, it's all in their Welcome page. You will go there and start clicking around, and before you know it, a few days will go by. Guaranteed.

Beyond actually having worthy content on the blog, though, which by itself is a pretty rare thing on the Internet, How to be a Dad is great because Charlie and Andy are very active on Twitter and on Facebook, participating in rather than trying to lead the community of social media parents. In fact, they seem to be there all the time, which probably means they have an army of south Asian social media writers, while they sit by the pool and count the money. I can't prove any of that, though. Yet.


  1. Thanks for writing about us, man. Your check is in the mail. And by "check" I mean "chemical agents." And by "mail" I mean your "bed."


  2. That is the kind of gift every man needs, er wants, er should get.

  3. It's nice to see guys that want to participate in the discussion. Guys that talk with us are way better than those that talk to us. Keep up the good work!

  4. Charlie, so that means HowToBeATotalLoserDad.com was already taken? You can still bid on the .co.uk!!!

  5. Jack, hey hey hey! Happy Birthday!

  6. I think they are assholes! Who do they think they are being all funny and making the rest of us seem like we are less funny by comparison? I'm from Canada, I have funny in me but it gets lost when they go off making videos that make my videos look like they were taped by a 4 year old! In closing, I still think they are assholes, but they are very funny assholes!
    Thanks Oren, you rock man!

  7. Sorry, I'd also like to second the comment by John. I really appreciate that those guys can converse with us and not come off like the biggest names in the business, which they are.

    Cool dudes all the way around, like much of the other Dads in the blogosphere!

    Cheers buddy!

  8. Daddy's in Charge?, yea, they seem like genuinely nice people. Ooh, I just had a good idea for a tweet. I'm going to link to this post and to their Twitter account, and add a #SponsoredTweet hashtag at the end.

  9. Canadian Dad, I'm sorry, but part of my contract with HTBAD Inc. prohibits any criticism (or faux-criticism) of them in the comments section. I'm going to have to delete your first comment or risk bankruptcy.

    1. Sorry, I'll edit. I love those guys, they make me laugh for reals yo! Wiggety What!



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