Monday, April 2, 2012

The Dad

I get so mad sometimes... About politics. And about hidden fees. And why is Sarah Palin a best-selling author? Why is my laptop dying? Why doesn't my boy listen to me? And why do so many people on the Internet disagree with me on so many things (or in other words, why are so many people on the Internet WRONG)? And did I mention Palin?

Luckily, a visit to And I'm the Dad is always an escapist's heaven. The blog is mostly a collection of stuff the writer's kids say, and each blog post is more brilliant than the previous one. Also, each post is a learning experience for the reader.

Why do people need to torture Dora, for example? What's a kamuka? What's the least silly way to use pink sparkly beads? What is the alternate ending to Beauty and the Beast?

Considering how awesome this collection of pearls of wisdom is (in addition to the recent powerful attack on the politically motivated war on women, it's a travesty that not enough people read And I'm the Dad, Like his Facebook page, or follow him on Twitter. I call on YOU to make this situation better. I can't take it anymore! Why does a certain shall-not-be-named blogging dad (who refers to his blog as "so much more than a daddy blog" and sells blog links for M&Ms) get so many people to visit his phony self-righteous blog while cool blogs like this one get lost in virtual space? Come on, people, make this a better world by thinking globally and acting virtually.



  1. Thanks for the tip, I just kept reading and reading and laughing and laughing.
    Once I figured out where the RSS link was it was all gravy...
    Simple stuff that works. Hard to argue with that.

  2. Cool. His kids are geniuses an they don't even know it.

  3. totally agree.... is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks, Tommy. His blog is more fun than 90% of the Internet. That's actually pretty unscientific of me to write that. Could be more or less too. But I'm probably in the ballpark.



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