Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Playmobil Hero

So I went to a toy store to quickly pick up a present on my way to a 4-year-old's birthday party. I took a quick look at the Playmobil section and saw the usual stuff: The bearded pirates, the dragon riders, the farmers, the cowboys, the overjoyed rescue helicopter pilots...

Playmobil rescue helicopter pilot

But then I saw this box. Located among all the heroes.

Could it be?

A Playmobil Dad? Wait, what else does he do? Does he slay dragons and save princesses? Does he search for treasures buried in lost islands? Does he tame wild horses, at least?

Respect, Playmobil! After chasing and writing about so many companies that have no idea what to do with dads, it was actually shocking to see a company portraying a dad simply being a dad.

And... Well, if I may... Hello there, Playmobil Mom!


  1. Two thumbs up!!


    Tell me that, that was the one you bought???

  2. Come on. He has to have a sword hidden in the stroller or a piece tucked in his belt. I don't believe it!

  3. Sure he was the dad, and not some stranger who wandered up to offer candy? lol.

    Actually, this is pretty awesome.

  4. Kaydens Dad, I got an animal puzzle... Buying presents for a 4-year-old girl you don't know that well is very complicated. Does she only like pink, princessy stuff? Or will her parents hate me for assuming she does, because they spend so much time teaching their girl that she can be an astronaut, and then I come and tell her she should aspire to be saved by a prince... You can't go wrong with animal puzzles.

  5. Jared, his weapon must be his sex-appeal. I mean, look at that hair!

  6. James, it's a good question, but the kids sure have their daddy's eyes.

  7. I love playing with Playmobile. Glad they've done good. :-)

    And you want something easy for preschool girls? Get them office supplies. They almost ALL love it!!! Their own scotch tape, their very own post it notes! That kind of thing. They probably don't get to use mom & dad's, or if they do mom & dad will thank you anyway because a four year old girl can use up an entire roll of scotch tape faster than you can blink.

    Funny James. :-)

  8. See, but now you're getting deeper into politics of school-party-gift-giving, because a gift should cost a certain amount. Can't be too cheap (even if cool), or too expensive (can't be a showoff!!!). Although it's probably all in my head...

  9. My nephew will surely like those items.Thank you for sharing that content.Its very entertaining and useful,have a great day!

  10. I love his jumper! Those stripes are so 2012!

  11. I loved this! And so we went to the toy store to exchange a duplicate set this is the one my daughter picked out.

    Guess how it came up on the receipt though? "Hospital Child in Stroller" which I find extremely odd. Other than that, yay Playmobil!

  12. This set is wonderful. Playmobil offers different styles of play and adventure for both boys and girls. It is easy to manoeuver which means the fun never ends.

  13. Nicole, but of course! The guy is a doctor, and the little girl by his side is the nurse.

  14. I had never seen this set before. I have to say dad rocks in this one...go Playmobil!



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