Friday, March 16, 2012

Apropos Nothing, Facebook

Why do I follow so many people on Twitter, feeling that it broadens the conversation and my experience online in general, and yet I hesitate on Facebook every time I see someone I know, thinking whether I should "friend" them or not. It's the word friend, isn't it... Such a loaded word.

I talked to my wife about it and she said it was just me, so... maybe it is.

And I understand some people want to separate their private-Facebook-lives from their professional lives, which are sometimes on Twitter, and I understand there are also a lot of Facebook haters on Twitter.

I see people with thousands of friends, and it seems strange, but maybe it's because of that word, "friend," again. And I also see people who think following more than 100 people on Twitter doesn't make sense, while for me, if you follow 20 people on Twitter, you're doing it wrong.

I found a few of my Twitter and blog friends on Facebook, so now I'm up to 142 Facebook friends. But why not 1000? Why not 2000? If I follow you on Twitter and you follow me, why are we not Facebook friends?

Is it just the word? A month ago I requested to be friends with someone I've known on Twitter for a while, and he ignored it, so now I'm offended. I wouldn't have been offended if I followed him on Twitter and he didn't follow me back, because that's fair enough, but now on Facebook I get angry, thinking, "Oh, I'm not good enough for you?"

Maybe that's why people hate Facebook. It's not the privacy concerns, because there's no privacy on Twitter and people love it. It's the way it brings us back to high school...

Facebook friends request


  1. I feel the same way. You can add several people in your facebook account but not all of them are your friends.

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  2. Hi Marissa,why don't you just left your signature link inside the URL.You just use the list box below and choose name/url.I hope that helps :D

  3. Thanks Nada,It is working on my part.Many thanks :)

  4. Exactly, and it's not worth much to add friends that is not really your friend.

  5. You can just put them on your restricted list or better unsubscribe to their page.

  6. I originally used Facebook as simply a way to keep up with people in my general social circle so that I knew important things going on in their lives; birthdays, trips, etc. That way when I saw them, I could mention those things and let them know that I am interested in what is important to them, and give us a jumping off place for conversation. I now also post little updates here and there, maybe a few a week. Sometimes I post news bits. I'm an avid news junkie and have found that absolutely no one else is... but I can't seem to help myself when I see something that is astounding. As for Twitter, I hope to utilize that for business ideas I have on my own back burners but have not had time to pursue. I see that as silly stuff (fully admitting I could be wrong) but useful for networking and advertising.

  7. As for me, I have a separate business and personal account on Facebook. I think it's ideal to do it that way to make it organize. I got a Twitter account and I love it, and in my case my account on twitter is both business and personal use.

  8. You can make restrictions to your profile if you don't want them to invade your privacy.

  9. You can set a group and limit their access.



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