Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Matt's blog is the one I will have when I grow up. While it's organized and includes a posting schedule, it also remains a free-flowing, honest and funny look at the life of a stay-at-home-dad.

Matt writes about the insane TV shows that will be probably used as an excuse by our kids when they grow up with strange quirks ("Of course I scream in my sleep. I've watched Sid the Science Kid when I was a kid"). He also writes about his attempts to find the relation to fatherhood in everyday life. And he writes about his daughter, who seems to be the same age as my own girl. She's almost two, which is of course the best age. Now her vocabulary is growing and her personality is being defined, and to top it all, every day that passes with a 2-year-old girl, it's great to feel like those dreaded "Terrible Twos" haven't been that bad.

Of course, this will all change in 12-18 months, when the vocabulary is large enough for her to say, "I DON'T LOVE YOU!" and the personality is defined to the point of doors slammed in Dad's face... But for now, Matt seems to be having a great time staying home with the girl, which is an inspiration to all stay-at-home-parents.

OK... Actually, it's not that bad. Like it was in every developmental stage from the day he was born, things got more difficult when my boy left the Not-So-Terrible-Twos and entered the Daddy-Needs-His-Tums-Or-He-Gets-A-Heart-Attack-Threes, but somehow things got more rewarding as well. Even watching my boy getting angry at his parents is rewarding. I've created this strong-willed kid who's not afraid to stand his ground. I'm proud, even if I'm often the one he practices his defiance on...

Matt also links to his cooking blog, which of course make me feel even more inadequate as a stay-at-home-dad with my limited cooking skills.

Hope you get a chance to head over to the blog. Subscribe to the blog feed on your reader or by email, follow on Twitter, Like on Facebook, and most importantly, leave comments on his blog.

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  1. Thank you for the kind words. I never want to be accused of being a grown up though. My day job is too much fun to be called a grown up! Don't worry about your cooking, we all have our strengths and must know our limitations (mine is cleaning the hairball that looks like "The Grudge" from the shower drain!) Seriously, thanks for the feature!

  2. Hey, glad you liked it. And of course I didn't mean "grown up" as in "These young kids and their music! If you can even call that music!" Although, really, what is it with their music?!

  3. Wow!The pic showing love and affection between dad n son.Very cute baby,Thanks a lot for sharing here good pics collection.

  4. @Freshwater - Well, that's my daughter, but she is bald and wearing a Ravens cheerleading outfit that looks like a t-shirt, so I'll let it slide. Come on over and read the blog, and we can talk about the fantastic trout fishing here in PA.

  5. It's so cute to see little girls with their fathers....so sweet when the father has to be the one taking care of her.



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